It’s boring reading through puffed up marketing content. We’re bringing it back to basics – the core for doing what we do. Read on to find out why we love our mortgage community.

1. Our clients are information gatherers

We love clients that are hungry for mortgage information – it leads to the right mortgage decision. The need to be informed about your mortgage keeps you equipped to make the right choices. Our clients are the type of people who don’t take facts lightly; who view the information gathering part very seriously.

2. They care about the details

We’re proud of the care our clients take to ensure that they’re ready for financial commitment. From the small details in-between paperwork to meeting deadlines – our clients care about their decisions and make every effort (with us right by their side) to be on the forefront of the mortgage journey.

3. Checking-in is part of the journey

Our clients know that they can chat to us anytime. We’re here to help! It warms our day when a client calls, pops a message or emails us to check-in – part of our philosophy of transparency is making sure our clients are never in the dark with their mortgage.

4. Friends for life

The best thing about this process is making friends for life. With each call, email, video meeting, our friendship grows, where “client” becomes “friend”. Most of our business comes through referrals, so we’re an ever-growing family. We love getting to know our client’s cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, friends!

Getting a mortgage can feel like an overwhelming and lonely process. It doesn’t have to be. Ready to be part of something bigger? Let us help you get the best mortgage for you. Chat with us today