We are looking for a bookkeeper to join our team.


We are an independent mortgage brokerage. Offering competitive compensation as well as the privilege of working from home!


Mortgage Allies is a technology leader and creator with a full complement of excellent marketing, software development and administrative support staff.  We believe that the best way to build the business is to build our people, who then love our clients.

  • We love the mortgage business and succeed by solving our clients’ mortgage problems
  • We lead with value. Provide a bucket’s worth of value even though clients have become used to getting a thimble’s worth of value from the industry
  • Our mortgage process is 100% paperless
  • Our entire team works virtually from home and we meet face to face with every client virtually


Apply if you are skilled, hungry, humble, emotionally intelligent, excellent and want to do meaningful work. We only want A Players.


We’re looking for an Experienced Bookkeeper

  • Part time Independent Contractor
  • Fixed Monthly Income


  • Post Secondary Education
  • Formal Training in Bookkeeping
  • Tech Savvy
  • Comfortable in the digital and software environment
  • Experience in the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Above average Excel skills
  • Experience with QuickBooks or similar software

Provide full bookkeeping services, including, but not limited to:

  • Manage accounting system
  • Liaise with and provide support to accountant
  • Ensure taxes are paid and YE is managed successfully and on time
  • Record and Pay HST & PAYE taxes.
  • Monitor and ensure government corporate compliance
  • Manage banking and bank accounts
  • Do bank reconciliations
  • Monitor expenses.
  • Record receipts in Quick Books accounting system
  • Identify and report on cost cutting opportunities
  • Execute accounts payable activities and processes.
  • Execute accounts receivable activities and processes
  • Invoice clients and collect payments
  • Create annual budget
  • Track expenses and ensure budget compliance
  • Establish key operational metrics and monitor operational efficiency
  • Project and manage cash flow
  • Create weekly, monthly and annual management financial reports
  • Create and maintain accounting regulatory report (FSRA)
  • Monitor and report on business lag indicators


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