Jacques du Preez

Jacques had a successful career in aviation and aerospace before connecting to his calling: being a guide to those who need it through a business of his own. He thrives in an environment where he gets to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his clients, staff and community; his heroes.

Mortgage Allies was built on the foundation of serving – guiding our heroes on their journey to achieving their dreams. People don’t deal with us just to get a mortgage, but rather because our service is excellent, and our attitude – one of care, gentle guiding and nourishment. Jacques carefully considers each mortgage, and has made it a mission to empower our clients so that they can be in charge of the direction they choose.

Principal Broker, OWNER

Yuliia Holinko

Yuliia always has our clients’ best interests at heart and is ready to tackle tasks with a smile on her face! She loves doing good and making sure our clients are 100% happy, educated and comfortable during the mortgage process.

-Mortgage Agent Level 2-

Nadia du Plessis

Nadia heads up the brand direction. She leads the marketing team to new heights – carefully directing their steps with nourishing feedback. Nadia makes things happen – the eternal optimist of our team. Queen of pasta-making, and loves running outdoors. With her love and passion – anything is possible!

-Brand Leader-


Mortgage Allies is a team passionate about people. Our heart to keep you moving towards your dreams and goals is what sets us apart. More than that, we love to make people happy, debt-free and excited for their future. A home is part of that – giving roots, clarity and establishing a sense of closure to who you are and where you belong. We have different needs and homes for the different times and seasons of our lives. Let us help you gauge where you are, and what you need. You’re the hero of our story, and we want to guide you. Our reviews will show you that our clients are happy with our work, and that they’ll come back to us over and over again. We love our clients and will always go the extra mile to see them happy and successful. Our job is based around your needs – getting you the best mortgage, and then ensuring that you become mortgage-free as fast as possible. The mortgage business is fun, fast-moving and ultimately a people business. We know that our clients trust because we care about them, and we’re passionate about what we do. We’re inspired by you, our hero!


“We know that our clients trust because we care about them, and we’re passionate about what we do.”

– Jacques du Preez