Jacques du Preez   Principal Broker, OWNER

The mortgage business is fun, fast moving and ultimately a people business.

Early in my business I realized that people don’t deal with us because we sell mortgages, but rather, because we are excellent at what we do and we care for them. I have made it my goal to de-commoditize mortgages by putting planning into every mortgage that we sell so that people can be mortgage free faster.

I enjoyed my aviation and aerospace career before starting my mortgage business. It was a glamorous career filled with excitement, but I wish I discovered earlier that I was destined to be an entrepreneur.

The incredible privilege of partnering with amazing people to create profit by serving clients with safe products have brought me much joy. Being a business owner has very little room for error; it is a continuous striving to be a better human being, leader, husband, father, servant, friend and innovator. It’s a good life.

People trust us because we care about
them and we are excellent at what we do.

Loys de Fleuriot,
Pursuing the Light