For Clients

We exist to:

  1. Add value to you.
  2. Solve your mortgage problems
  3. Originate sustainable mortgages for you.
  4. Help you become mortgage free faster

…so, you can own real estate and live a good life.

For most people the process of getting a mortgage is stressful and unclear. When it comes to the application process all the power lies in the hands of the financial institutions, especially in our environment where government mortgage rules have radically and constantly changed.

We believe mortgages can be done better and that you deserve to work with a specialist dedicated to mortgages only. Our team will educate you and care for you and we only get paid when we successfully get you a mortgage. There is no need for you to guess your mortgage eligibility or for the mortgage process to be vague. We focus on the entire life cycle of your mortgage and save you headaches and money. Work with us and you will most likely be mortgage free faster and enjoy a lot more holidays, a lot sooner than your neighbour.

Loys de Fleuriot,
Pursuing the Light